Fearless Zi

Artist, Life Coach, and Consultant in Beijing

Fearless Zi

Artist, Life Coach, and Consultant in Beijing

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Whoop Network founder, painter, Internet consultant, Blogger, columnist.

My professional experience is very simple. I have 8 years' experience as a civil servant engaged in administration examination and approval, inspection and supervision work related with industrial and commercial fields, 5 years' internet product design experience and 8 years' media operation management experience.

I can provide you with preliminary assistance for you to conduct business in the Chinese mainland, from declaration to approval, from office location selection to employee recruitment. Meanwhile, I can also offer you with detailed and feasible brand marketing plans and the construction of the Chinese social media matrix.

No matter what kind of business, the importance of localization is unquestionable. I'm looking forward to your contact.

Then, what can you provide for me? Welcome to contact me.

Besides, I'm engaged in my spare time

1.Chinese Gender Answers.
Weibo @SexFriend

2.Life coach, night caress.

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Life isn't perfect, there are always ups and downs. but as long as there exists hope, it’s worth for our unremittingly pursuit.
Fearless Zi
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